Periodontal and Root Planing

Periodontal and Root Planing

The Beck Family team is proud to offer crowns, bridges, onlays, and inlays. Our experienced dentists have treated patients at every stage of tooth damage and loss, and our experience makes it easier than ever for us to perform treatments rapidly, efficiently and in most cases more conservatively.


Crowns and bridges are both important restorative dental procedures for damaged teeth. A dental crown is a permanent tooth covering used to extend the life of a compromised tooth. A bridge, meanwhile, fills the gap created by a missing tooth by anchoring itself to surrounding teeth.

Our process makes it easier than ever before to receive a crown or bridge treatment.  Beck Family Dental, LLC team can take detailed images of your mouth, fabricate the customized dental device you need, and install into your mouth.


Inlays and onlays are dental restoration options for teeth that don’t need full crowns, but still need to be conservatively repaired. An inlay is bonded within the center of the tooth, while an onlay extends over the cusps of the damaged tooth. Instead of taking the time to create our inlays and onlays in an off-site dental lab, we fabricate your customized solutions right here in our Mason office.

Only the trained eye of your dentist can assess your mouth to determine whether you need a crown, bridge, inlay, or onlay. The professionals at Beck Family Dental, LLC are here to use our most advanced technology to restore full health and comfort to your mouth as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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